Flavia Busacker

Flavia Busacker - Dietitian

Having been brought up in an Italian/German home with a mother who loves to cook and bake all the time, Flavia has learnt to love and appreciate food.

She feels that it is important to have a healthy relationship with food and one of her many aims for you, is to ensure that you develop this same outlook on healthy living.

Flavia has been passionate about sport since she was a young girl and still is today. This passion has influenced her interest within the sport nutrition field allowing her to impart sound, high quality and indivudualised nutritional advice. Apart from her love for sport nutrition, she has a special interest in nutrigenomics, diseases of lifestyle and weight loss.

Everyone is unique and therefore she strives to ensure that all her clients are satisfied by providing them with individualised meal plans suited to their specific food preferences, lifestyle and exercise regime.



BDietetics (2015) - University of Pretoria Registered with the HPCSA and ADSA Foundations of Nutrigenomics (2017) CF-L1 Trainer (2018)

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