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What our clients say

Client Testimonials

Willow Way CrossFit is a collective of dedicated trainers founded by the belief in the foundations of “Forging Elite Fitness”. The impetus provided is always varied and my results thus far have been dramatic.

The Willow Way community is built on camaraderie and top-quality training experience – you find the inspiration in others! As an amateur athlete, I am incredibly impressionable throughout my workouts, but the one thing that I can take away from my experience at Willow Way CrossFit, is that the mind will always lead the body. This community will forever be the pioneer of forging an indomitable spirit within me.

– Laura

Willow Way Crossfit has really exceeded my expectations. I have never made use of a personal trainer before and what you get at Willow Way is far more than just personal trainers.

You get experienced, skilled, positive, motivated and informed trainers. Technique is key and that I really respect and appreciate from all the trainers. The vibe and energy at Willow Way is phenomenal and it is fun to be there. I have seen great results in myself already, not necessarily weight loss, but I have lost plenty of centimeters and I feel fantastic. Thank you Estian, Raymond and each trainer for your commitment and enthusiasm with each class. It is really a privilege to be part of the Willow Way Crossfit family.

– Bernard

56 days later, I’ve lost 13.4KG, improved my discipline, honour, integrity and most importantly loyalty.

Thank you Estian and all the coaches.

– KG

Willow Way Crossfit – MY Crossfit family where I am surrounded by people who motivate me to do better. I was introduced to CrossFit by a friend and I was immediately hooked.

It is a place to be proud and also be humbled. From the first day I met coaches Estian, Raymond and their team I knew this will be my home away from home. At Willow Way Crossfit I am challenged, stretched and encouraged to do my best by my coaches and peers who are in it with me. I am a mom of two energetic boys, a teacher by profession and a sports coach, which makes my days extremely full. When I walk in at Willow Way Crossfit I get to leave everything else at the door and just be me. I can not believe that people will go their entire lives not knowing the satisfaction of CrossFit. Willow Way Crossfit definitely sets the standard of what to look for in a box. Joining this box will be one of the best decisions for your body. I promise you won’t regret it!!!

– Marle

As someone who strongly values a sense of belonging, in my personal capacity, as well as in my never ending search for individuals who share this sentiment, I simply must illustrate gratefulness toward Willow Way Crossfit. Since joining I have experienced nothing but sincere kindness from a genuinely caring, qualified coaching team who are committed to the empowerment and general growth of each and every member.

I have also learned a lot about wellness in general and no longer follow fitness models on Instagram – turns out being a skeleton with abs and snapping your boring oats and fish isn’t all there is to life (shoutout to Kayla Itsines). Also, I now know how to climb a rope, which looks good on a CV. By far one of the best things that I have experienced here at Willow Way Crossfit is the Work Train Fight sessions – perfect for getting rid of life’s horrendous stressors, but especially grand due to the fact that it has given me some pretty rad muscles, however more importantly: it has given me strength as a young woman who is now extremely proud to punch like a girl. This place definitely has more to it than bumper stickers, sleeveless shirts and sweat, the true embodiment of one of Maya Angelou’s many pearls of wisdom: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” So to the person reading this, come and belong.

– Nichelle

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